The Key to a Mindful Life – Part A

Dear Partners, Dear Friends,

Stanton Chase International and Vivid Life would like to invite you to our Workshop “The Key to a Mindful Life – Part A”, to take place in Dubai during June 2013. The workshop is delivered over 7 sessions of 2.5 hours each, twice per week, as per the schedule analyzed below.


Workshop Summary and Impact Areas

This highly interactive and participation-driven workshop is designed to stimulate and challenge you to awaken the leader within or to sharpen the strategic leadership qualities already demonstrating in your professional and personal life. Through a series of tools and techniques and a combination of both contemporary learnings and ancient teachings, this programme will allow you to gain a fresh perspective over your vision, priorities and plan of action – both professional and personal – and will guide you to discover how to successfully improve the quality of your life.

The Programme consists of three interconnected levels. Level I and Level II (Part A)focus on the physical (body) and physiological (energy) aspects of this exploration, with emphasis on physical and breathing exercises that will unbind the body and will pave the way towards better understanding and control of the mind functions. Level III (Part B) will focus on mind exercises and practices that will unfold the full potential of the individual, and will be delivered separately on different dates.
Learnings and Outcomes: To see the outline and key deliverables of the Programme, please click here.  The “Key to a Mindful Life – Part A” will allow you to:

-        Explore the tools that you can use on a daily basis to manage stress and keep your energy levels high

-        Manage your health and strengthen your immune system

-        Improve your own effectiveness and have a successful impact on your professional and personal goals

-        Gain clarity in your decision making

-        Break the personal boarders and challenge yourself to dare and achieve the goals that seem unachievable

-        Interact effectively and efficiently with thy-self and with others

-        Understand and successfully face intercultural challenges

-        Achieve peace of mind and inner peace

Starting Date / Finishing Date:     WednesdayJune 5, 2013 / Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Days:                                                     Twice per week, Wednesdays and Sundays (7 sessions totally)

Time:                                                     6:30pm – 9:00 pm

Venue:                                                  World Trade Center Club (World Trade Center Building, 33rd Floor, Dubai, UAE)

Price:                                                     Contact us for details on pricing and available discounts

Contact: Konstantina Sakellariou,  (+971 50 1403307 ),
Nermeen Hassan, (+971 50 8436388)

Meet our Trainers:


Nermeen M. Hassan

Nermeen enjoys over 20 years of corporate experience, having reached leadership positions in one of the largest logistics and aviation  developments – the Al Maktum International Airport in the UAE, and with an initial background on telecommunications engineering.

In 2013, she decided to make a 180o change in her career and focus on her passion for human talent development.  As such, and in partnership with Stanton Chase International, she established Vivid Life, with the purpose of developing coaching/training programs that would meet the constantly changing needs of human talent in a creative, eccentric, yet, efficient way.  Her corporate background along with her yoga studies allowed her to successfully utilize and apply yoga for management, taking one step further and developing the “Leadership Journey from East to West” program.

She has a BA in Telecommunication Engineering, a Masters in International Business Administration and a 4-years Master Diploma in Yoga Studies, while by the end of the year she will be a certified Yoga Therapist as well.

Between India, Middle East and Europe, Nermeen taught, mentored and coached more than 200 executives as well as more than 700hours of personal development group teaching.


Sujata Menon Kapila

Sujata Menon Kapila is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, who understands that one can enhance his/her Self Quotient (SQ)®  through the process of healing mentally, physically and spiritually.  Following her intuition and heart, she gave up a successful career in the corporate world to evolve into the spiritual healer and teacher that she is today.  Along her journey on the Spiritual Path, she has studied with many enlightened teachers, trained in many intuitive/healing arts and has experienced miracles of her own.  Sujata began Joyful Living Healing Centre with an aim to reconnect people with themselves.  Its mantra is to make people realize that they are their own gurus and healers. The healing modality is unique to every person and Sujata uses the infinite universal energies to heal people using the following modalities.

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We look forward to bringing positive value to your professional and personal life.


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