Birth into Being (Birthshop)

The quality of our civilization largely depends on the way we procreate. The way we arrive into this world defines our capacity for love, compassion, intimacy. Conscious conception and birth are an integral part of conscious living.

When parents create a new baby in full awareness of the effect their actions and thoughts have on their unborn child, humankind is given another chance to thrive.

The quality of our life is defined, first of all, by the quality of attention and love received while we are still in our mother's womb!

Secondly, the life is defined by the quality of our birth itself. There is an overwhelming body of evidence that birth trauma is responsible for addictions, violence, low self-esteem, poor problem-solving skills, short attention span and a host of physical health problems...

Non-traumatized babies, who are conceived and born in love, display an amazing degree of intelligence, kindness, common sense and good health. As they grow they prove them selves to be good communicators, peaceful, caring, alert, self-motivated human beings. Natural birth does require some preparation nowadays, for attention to the art of birthing has been in decline for many generations. In tribal life it was supposed to be a mother's gift to her daughter, a natural obvious transmission. But with the modern day stress level and easy access to drugs, in the US 95% of births are considered traumatic. 50% rated as moderate trauma, 45% of them are rated as severely traumatic.

Our species has an amazing built-in mechanism for procreation. Our bodies are designed to reproduce naturally, with grace and ease. To be able to relax in a bath tub during labor was found extremely helpful by millions of women. However, water birth by itself does not guarantee the degree of consciousness, of non-trauma, that we desire and deserve. We, as spiritual beings, have the capacity to experience the transformative power of birth that connects us with deeper understanding of life. When a new human being that did not exist before, enters into our world, the veil separating our reality from the Great Unseen becomes very transparent for a short period of time. This gives us an opportunity to experience, first hand, the ecstatic bliss of ONENESS with all, a state in which separation does not exist, where Love prevails.

When Love is an integral part of the birthing field, a woman has access to the power of creation that is working through her. The more power there is in her field the less force she will need to use, because Love is a highly coherent field. And visa versa: the less power she has, the more force it would require to deliver a baby. In the beginning every one of us was a tiny infant - speechless, vulnerable, in desperate need of love and care.

In our soft, warm hands we are holding the keys to the thriving of our species! We have the capacity to enhance the quality of life in one generation through bringing our loving, conscious awareness into our people-making practices. Birth is a powerful initiation, a rite of passage for all involved, which enables us to create a beautiful Life on this planet. It is our birthright!"

Acknowledgement- Elena Tonetti