Naomi Yanai Shepherd

When I first talked to you I was all tangled up and couldn't see a way out of a very depressing and negative situation. I was deep in the dark. I could feel the energy was stagnant and stale . I couldn't move forward.
Ever since we spoke, I could feel a shift in my perception, specially when you said the continuous suffering is our choice and that we have the right to be happy. I was so deeply wrapped up in my unhappines that I didn't even realize happiness was an option. Not only my perception changed but things around me started to move. To have an idea I am living in a house that every room in it needs renovation and we were struggling to have things done. And we were living in an ugly house . And that was taking a toll on my emotional well being. I started to realize things were changing when we managed to renovate our bathroom. Everything happened smoothly. Then we managed to do the flooring upstairs. And just last week we finishedd downstairs floor. So things have really moved on. While I was receiving the 21 days healing I woke up everyday well rested and with a clear mind.
I can now feel the positive energy flowing and moving things forward.

I am deeply grateful for all the help and support you gave/give me.

I am deeply grateful for your compassion and generosity.

I am deeply grateful for all the love you gave/give me.
I am well aware of the huge gift of love you gave me and continue to give me.
Thank you! Thank you!

Rajan Vikhram Iyer , 19, Student

I had always been a introvert . Not very comfortable with myself . Belonging to a staunch south Indian family.I had been very much restricted In our own ways . Joyful living , Mrs Sujata Menon guided me how to deal with various circumstances . It helped me be a better and stronger person more mature and focused .
It is a great experience , and now I'm a happy and stronger person who knows how to overcome obstacles and live my life happily .

Vandna Garg

"I have enjoyed your hypnotherapy course immensely. It has given me new insights not just about my own life and problems, but also regarding my family, relationships and bonds. I feel emancipated and a much better person now. It has not just improved my life and perspectives but also my family members’ to a great extent. Thank you so much."


‘Impossible situations can become possible miracles’ – thanks to Sujata Menon Kapila! Life had almost come to a halt three years back when I had shooting pain in my left ankle pertaining to a ligament rupture I have had few years back. 24X7 pain became an integral part of my life from thereon..Doctor appointments, medicines followed by a surgery took its own toll on me and negative emotions like frustration, helplessness, anger started controlling a large part of me. With an inescapable high pressure sales job that kept me on my toes during office hours and beyond, my social life was moving towards extinction and more importantly, at an age of 33 yrs, I was losing faith and hope of living a healthy life. Sujata happened to me through a very dear common friend. I took my own time to firstly acknowledge the existence of what she did and then agree to experiment with something that sounded as bizarre as ‘alternate therapies’ ! In a world where we idolize logic, I could never accept and understand a miraculous world that existed beyond what meets the eye and I have to admit, I would have probably continued living with that frame of mind had this not happened to me ! I really dont know where to begin from as the entire journey - definitely a spiritually enlightening one..has been spooky yet fascinating, mentally exhausting yet energising, draining yet empowering...to say the least! The entire induction first started with understanding and experiencing our Chakra energetic system. Evidently enough, most of my chakras were completely blocked so to begin with, Sujata bundled my sessions with a high dose of reiki and quantam touch healing...Shockingly enough, I felt much better in my ankle, my bouts of pain were consistently scaling down, the swelling in my ankle reduced and I was able to walk without my keds (which i had been sporting for the last one and a half years)!! Past Life Regression, Inner child healing, Affirmations and much more was a part of my therapy sessions that continued for almost three months and it truly felt like a soul cleansing process of past and previous lives ,with blockages and negative energies getting cleared aiding me to lead a happier and fulfilling life! Sujata is supremely talented in implementing these therapies even with stubborn close-minded people like me! But what truly makes her stand apart in a league of her own ,in addition to the electrifying energy that oozes forth from every corner of her clinic , is her understanding and approach towards these therapies ,as more often than not, she customises them to suit the need of the hour ! All of this mingled with her superlative passion for driving results without any compromises in her value system, is indeed absolutely unparalleled. I distinctly remember driving her up the wall with my madness but with the patience, understanding and trustworthiness she brings to the table, it always felt like being in a safety net! Its a tough one to pen down - this wholesome experience in words..At the risk of being repetitive, let me reiterate that its ones very own spiritual journey and while it has helped my ankle discomfort come down by almost 90%, more effectively, its made me calmer, aware and in its own special way, empowered me to control and let go. More significantly, Sujata taught me the lesson we always preach but never practice on ourselves - we cannot control people and situations that come to us, but we can always control our response to them. And in such positive responses, lies our personal power to make a positive difference - it is a true legacy that can impact both our present and our future. For lack of any better term in English dictionary, Thanks a Billion Sujata. For a new life. A happy pain-free life!


"I would like to share a few lines with you on how I feel about the therapies/workshop I have been taking up: Angel/Guide is the figure I see you as... You have guided me into light. The healing and guidance has changed my state of mind and I have embraced happiness. The therapies not only address the issue one comes with, but lead to a holistic well being. The words of wisdom I have been getting from you have been and will be a tremendous help in my growth. I found the Hypnotherapy course very empowering; tools can be used easily to resolve our day to day as well as persisting challenges. I wish and pray that everyone becomes open enough to accept and embrace a holistic way of living and well being.Gratitude for God and you is what I feel.

Rohit KG - Dubai,UAE "

"They say God has a reason why he makes certain people part of our life. I may not know his reason for making me know you. But i am definitely thankful to him for bringing you into my life. This is just a small way to say a very BIG thank you for all the help and healing. I was directed to you in May 2010 and since then my whole life has changed...I feel i have got a new birth. I remember how i low i felt and how lost i was in my life. After the very first session with you things started to look better and all time time you spent with me you helped to further empower me and helped me to learn how to expand my thinking, understand myself and appreciate life better. You reached out your hand and put me back on track. I can now be a better son, a better dad, a better husband, a better boss and a better person. I hope you continue to change lives and also know how much you can make a difference to the people you work with. People like you make this world a better place to live in. Thank you so much once more!

Shyam Prasad

There are phases in everybody's lives when the clouds are so dark that it could seem that there is nothing beyond darkness. I was going through one such long stretch that was threatening to take over my life. My self belief was so low that I often felt that I was standing on it. It was then that I attended the first of your sessions. I must admit that it was a step taken with a mix of philosophical and scientific scepticism. " How can this change my life?"....a completely normal question before the first of the sessions that completely changed my life

You have helped and guided me through a path that lifted my self belief, cleared the painful issues and painted a bright hue of positivity over all my thoughts...The changes are significant, be it work, home, family, thoughts and close people around me realize and i believe it. Thank you for the healing energy...for drawing all the good things, spiritual and physical towards me... "