Self Empowerment Workshop For Children

With our busy schedules in life, where we are constantly engaged in ensuring that our children and students have all the essentials covered such as food, shelter, and good education. We forget that they require us to ignite a spark of desire in them to succeed, to strive to be what they want to be. Adults are aware of self-help resources for many years now. But how can you as a teacher or guardian be good role models, stay motivated, and get your children involved? Introduction to effective habits and empowering techniques can help children learn responsibility, gain confidence, and make healthy choices from an early age.


Manifesting of what you want in life is a conscious and co-creative process. Children are known for having insatiable desires and to directly involve them in the Law of Attraction experience can be rewarding and fulfilling. Some aspects that can be learned:


One of the biggest concerns for teachers & caregivers today is the student’s acceptable behavior while dealing with anxieties, fears, emotions, peer pressures, and educational pressures. The Students can gain the following benefits from Self Healing

At Joyful Living Healing Center we are equipped to provide guidance and training to both teachers and students by introducing them to the various self improvement and healing techniques. Through a one week specially designed intensive self empowerment program and training module we can teach SELF IMPROVEMENTS AND HEALING TECHNIQUES:
By involving students in healthy habits for life, teachers and caregivers can become a trustworthy guide, role model, and support system in their everyday journey towards self-improvement. Please feel free to inquire about the subject .